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PickME Rug & Carpet cleaners is Queens’ number one choice for all things rug and carpet cleaning related. We’re a locally owned and operated company here in Queens and we do things a little differently from our competitors. We not only prioritize fantastic results but our customer journey and service, too.

From the word go, we make the process of estimations, and quotations, and schedule a time that suits you as easy as possible. Our customer service is up-to-date on all things carpets and rugs and can answer any questions or queries you may have.

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One of the things we love about our work is our customer’s reactions after we’re finished. The shock of how much we can transform not just a carpet or rug, but the new lease of life it brings to your entire home is priceless.
PickME is fully equipped with the latest and greatest modern technology, designed to get faster, more thorough, and quicker results than ever before. Not to mention, we use specific shampoos tailored to each particular fabric, designed to make sure nothing is damaged and remains soft.
PickME is a company you can trust with your precious carpets and rugs. We take meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that we take extra care at every job we do.
Thanks for choosing PickME Rug & Carpet Cleaners! We looking forward to working with you.


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