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Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Have you heard about Steam Carpet Cleaning?

If yes, have you tried it?

If you still haven’t, then we highly recommend you to read this whole article.

This might be a game-changer for you.

Steam Carpet Cleaning has been one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods since the 1960s’.

It offers a lot of benefits and advantages because it uses hot water extraction.

If you’re the type that is meticulous when it comes to household hygiene, Steam Cleaning might be your top choice.

What is the Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning?

Both dry and steam carpet cleaning are effective ways of cleansing your carpet.

Especially if you’ve availed the service of a reliable and professional carpet cleaning company.

The main difference between the two (2) methods would be the amount of water used.

Here’s the list of their other differences:

Steam Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pre-vacuum shall be done because if skipped, all dry soil will turn into mud once the process will start.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method is the other term for Steam Carpet Cleaning.

  1. Hot water is injected into the carpet with high pressure then the water will be extracted.

This process can be very effective but only if the cleaner knows how to do it.

Meanwhile, when performed properly, your carpet will be free from any germs, viruses, and other allergens.

  1. After the process, the carpet can be very wet.
  2. Wait for a few hours and the carpet should be fully dried.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pre-vacuum should be done to remove dried soil.
  2. Dry Cleaning solutions will be applied to the carpet to remove the oil.

Then the soiling from the carpet should be easier to remove afterward.

  1. Afterward, for conditioning rinse, cotton buds will be used.

These cotton buds will be soaked in hot water and will be placed under a rotary machine.

The dirt will be released from the carpet while the machine rotates the pads around.

  1. However, if the dry cleaning method is not performed properly, most of the dirt and sand will remain on the carpet.

This method is not recommended if you have pets at home, because it can kill bacteria and germs thoroughly unlike steam Carpet cleaning.

4 Reasons Why Steam Cleaning is the Best

  1. It thoroughly Clean and Sanitize

As you know, steam cleaning uses water vapor.

Therefore, it can reach deeper than other types of methods.

It deeply penetrates the fibers of the carpet and removes stubborn stains and dirt.

And since steam cleaning uses high temperatures, it is best to destroy bacteria, allergens, and viruses.

  1. It Helps you Save Money

Replacing an old carpet and buying a new one can be very expensive.

Not only because of buying the carpet itself, but also the labor cost.

Not to mention the hassle you get by moving furniture just to remove old carpets and replace them with new ones.

That’s why you should consider carpets as an investment that needs your tender loving care for you to maximize its use.

Many professional cleaning companies will recommend steam carpet cleaning because it is safer for the carpet fibers.

It’s tough against dirt and stains without shortening the lifespan of your carpet.

  1. Drying Time is Shorter

Although steam cleaning is also a wet cleaning procedure, only a minimal amount of water remains in the carpet.

Unlike other wet cleaning procedures, they can take up to a few days just for the carpet to fully dry.

With steam cleaning, within a few hours, the carpet should be fully dry and ready to be laid down again.

The number of hours depends on the materials and also the humidity of the room.

On cold days, air conditioning may help in shortening the drying time of the carpet.

  1. It Revives the Vibrancy of your Carpet

The steam cleaning method is a very gentle procedure for deep cleaning your carpet.

It can thoroughly get the dirt and stain that are embedded within the deepest part of the fibers.

Therefore, it revives the vibrancy of the carpet.

Making it look like a new one.

And since it is very gentle minimal harm, almost no damage at all can occur while doing this procedure.

Therefore, prolonging the lifespan and quality of your carpet.

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